Upon being asked if she had read all the books, Levy states she had and had also cleared out half of the books occupying her room. Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Celestial Spirit Mage, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and of Team Natsu. That night, Levy gets together with the other girls and drinks the existing supply of sake with them. As a chunk of ice is about to crush Levy and the girls, Erza and Juvia destroy it before it can do so. ", Levy McGarden She has begun a journey with Amara Hirose and Daniel Hirose to get stronger after, Kurai, their master who turned out to be cruel and sadistic kicked her and her team mates out. After receiving some Celestial Clothing, Levy readies herself to go the Celestial World. When Gajeel is knocked over to the women's side of the hot springs and lands on top of Levy, she is visibly embarrassed and thus hits him. After the arrival of more Fairy Tail Mages, Celestial Spirits retreat to their gates so Levy takes the Banishment Key to track down Eclipse Capricorn, who awaits her in the quiz room. [65], Later, Levy goes out with Shadow Gear on a job; she is seen at the festival, watching Gajeel sing, with Jet and Droy, where she comments that his singing voice and lyrics aren't overly good. After Lucy's attack turns ineffective, she is saved by the arrival of Natsu and Happy. When they suggest gathering more info, Levy notes that the Magic Library contains and vast collection of books. After Crux updates them on the situation, Yukino informs the guild about a ritual called Liberum that she found in an ancient test, in which Levy requests from her. Hakobe, Levy warned Happy about a legend of a living cave in the mountain. [125] Later, noticing that even Lucy has no idea where Natsu is, Levy expresses her worry whilst talking to Wakaba, where her doubts are quelled by the nearby Jet and Warren, who respectively reply that he's not one they need to worry about, and that he's most likely sleeping. Guild Mark Location [76] She then tells Warren of the information that they and the Archaeological society in regards to saving Lucy, which is used to successfully free Lucy from the clock and destroy it. Active When Gajeel is hit by Narukami—which slices right through his body—Levy bursts into tears. [108] Levy then watches in fear as Gajeel is being strangled, screaming for "Shadow" to stop, lest the Iron Dragon Slayer die. However, Laxus arrives and begins to attack them as well, after which Levy realizes that Gajeel wasn't fighting back on purpose, as he wants them to recognize him as their guildmate rather than an enemy. [213], Triple Unison Explosion: Levy uses her Solid Script: Storm spell and fuses Lisanna's Animal Soul: Bird and Cana's Explosion Cards that is fired at the target. [64], At a later time, when Lucy accidentally turns herself invisible using a Magic bath lotion and seeks help on how to reverse its effects, Fairy Tail tries painting Lucy a new face; Levy states that Lucy is a girl and should therefore look cute, painting sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks upon her face. Afterwards, the topic of Zeref's immortality is brought up,[188] and Natsu mentions that his right arm is something that can do the job, but he refuses to tell what it is. Levy then proceeds to use Solid Script: Silent to cancel out Yomazu's Gō and Solid Script: Fire to boil the eggs that Kawazu had produced, however Kawazu simply releases more eggs, breaking the fire apart. When Courage academy arrives later that day, Levy along with Jet, Droy, Bisca and Alzack tries to hold Elfman back when Mirajane is used as a hostage. Real Name: Real Name. [119] As the Dragons begin their attack, Levy finds herself with her fellow Mages against the Dragon Atlas Flame. [66] Levy, Lucy and Michelle head back to the guild where they and their guildmates are confronted by a mysterious trio, who clash with the Fairy Tail Mages. Levy has a variety of outfits, but her most preferred type of attire appears to be dresses and tank tops, both of which reveal the guild mark on her left scapula. [203], Some time later, Levy is caught in the light of Irene Belserion's Universe One,[204] and warped somewhere alongside Lily. When the first trial starts, Freed places a rune on the boat, preventing everyone from leaving for five minutes. Sporting blue hair and a love for books this girl in my eyes is something special. A little while later, When Happy accidentally flings the lotion bottle, Levy and the rest of the guild are turned invisible. To prepare for the Grand Magic Games, Levy and several of her guildmates head to the beach for training. Levy McGarden (レビィ・マクガーデン Rebī Makugāden) is a 18-year old wandering mage. [148] Overtaken with grief, as Levy mumbles Tartaros' name, Natsu decides that it is time to deal with the Dark Guild once and for all. [52] Later, when Freed and Bickslow arrive, she is both shocked and happy to see them and marvels at the true power of the Thunder God Tribe. Create and share your own Cana Alberona GIFs, with Gfycat [207] As she predicted, Zera soon disappears, with Levy and her group expressing gratitude for her help. Levy reads the runes and discovers that it is written in an ancient language before translating it. Hiking up a mountain, they find Gajeel training, and after the man completes his session, the group sets out once more with Gajeel in tow. Parents (Deceased)[3]Unborn Child[4] The enemy is a great one! [58], Kain is then attacked by Levy's Solid Script: Iron; Levy believes that she, Lisanna and Cana will be able to defeat the Dark Mage if they combine forces. [127] Then, when Natsu hoists Romeo onto his shoulders and parades the Grand Magic Games trophy about, Levy cheers with many other of her guildmates. They are all surprisingly greeted by Mavis Vermillion, who has also come to watch the Games and cheer for her guild. When Gajeel attempts to eat the iron part in order to restore his energy, he and Levy argue once again but Gajeel soon realizes that the creature is not after the Fairy Tail Mages, but the clock part itself. She is a former member of Fairy Tail, being kicked out by Karui along with Lisanna and Lucy. However, Levy manages to rewrite the rune rather quickly, allowing only her and Gajeel to leave. They soon notice that Samuel is following them; Levy tells the Exceed that they won't give him the clock part. [205] Alongside the voice of Zera, Levy hears Gajeel's voice as well, his being alive bringing her to tears. DRAGON cake topper birthday cupcake baking decor decoration party fire fairy tail boy scale dungeons AisforApronStrings. [23], When Erza defeats Evergreen, Levy and the other petrified girls are returned to their normal states. However, the Dark Mage then follows up by releasing his Egg Buster, cascading Gajeel and Levy with a superfluous amount of eggs. She then manages to rewrite Freed's runes, allowing Natsu and Gajeel to finally exit the guild and fight. Search results for Cana Alberona GIFs. [84] When Fairy Tail's second team, Team Fairy Tail B, enters, Fairy Tail cheers again. Lucy Heartfiliais one of the main characters of the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail, where she joins the infamous guild Fairy Tail, she soon became a member of Team Natsu and began her long amazing adventure alongside her team and guild. The Team Tenrou then returns to the guild, where they are tearfully welcomed back by Romeo. Cursey. [40], With the events revolving around Edolas over, Levy is named as a candidate for the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, leaving her surprised, wondering if Makarov actually called her name; Jet and Droy are delighted to hear her nomination. [160], After Lucy, with the help the Celestial Spirit King, frees her comrades from Alegria and brings the Tartaros headquarters to the ground, Levy wanders the halls of the destroyed building. [239], As Erza recollects her past during the year X778, Levy is acknowledged to have accompanied Erza during a job and was also present when Hilda was dispersing toy jewels amongst the students within the dormitory; Levy is among those who receives a toy. She is the leader of Shadow Gear. Levy McGarden (レビィ・マクガーデン, Rebi Makugāden) is a member of Shadow Gear (シャドウ・ギア, Shadō Gia), a three-wizard team that also includes Jet and Droy. Shortly thereafter, Makarov appears and explains the rules of the first portion of the trial. Her happiness, however, is turned to immediate worry when a dying Bloodman turns his body into a vortex and tries to assimilate Gajeel. Her shoulder-length blue hair, which has eyebrow-length bangs, is normally tied up with a colorful bandanna around her head. She possesses the following spells: Levy's appearance in Fairy Tail (Video Game). [156], Prior to an explosion caused by a possessed Elfman bringing in an explosive Lacrima as per Seilah's command,[157] Cana turned Levy and all the other guild members into cards and had the Exceeds head straight for Cube, where Levy and all the other Fairy Tail members were released from the cards to launch their counterattack. Gajeel Redfox (ガジル・レッドフォックス Gajiru Reddofokkusu) is an Iron Dragon Slayer, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and a former S-Class Mage of Phantom Lord. [44], After Levy and Gajeel find out that their plan is to eradicate Fairy Tail, Yomazu uses Gō, which creates a painfully deafening sound. She then begins to wonder where Wendy is, to which Mirajane responds that she is working with Erza on a job that rewards some rare sweets. Kristi Kang [32] Later, after Fairy Tail sends Macao, Elfman, and Wakaba to battle the new enemies, Levy watches them return; she then informs Mirajane about their conditions. While there, they meet up with Ichiya, who tells them that Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe have joined Blue Pegasus, something which shocks Levy. 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[177] Levy and the Custody Enforcement Unit members soon arrive at Malba City, where they arrest the scattered and defeated Avatar members; Levy is stopped by Lucy, and the two express their surprise at seeing each other, after which she is greeted by Natsu. https://fairytailfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Levy_McGarden_(Wendy)?oldid=244399. Foxy The Pirate Fox have a 85 following and 224 followers.Foxy The Pirate Fox's world rankings is 222816.This page is based on Foxy The Pirate Fox's online data & informations.You can find information birth date, place of residence, phone number, address and social media accounts on Foxy The Pirate Fox 's page. As Lucy and Happy hold her off, Levy and Yukino continue the search and ultimately deduce that the Celestial Globe, the essential Magic Item for Liberum, is indeed in the library. Though she still remains pessimistic about her chances of even lasting long, Gajeel gives her words of encouragement, saying that he'll make her bigger, causing her to blush. [80], Levy writhes in pain after Ultear's treatment, Levy watches in horror as Natsu writhes around on the floor in pain as a part of the Magic Power-increasing process. [185] Later, the team boards Ichiya's Christina to rescue Makarov; and after finding him along with Team Natsu and Mest Gryder, Levy takes to the loudspeaker to harken the group aboard. Heis an Exceed from Extalia, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and of Team Natsu, and Natsu Dragneel's best friend. [193], A day after Alvarez's initial assault, Levy is assigned by Mavis to meet up with Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus in the north and smirks lightly with confidence. Levy McGarden (レビィ・マクガーデン Rebī Makugāden) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. The wall of water hits her straight on, and, as she is sent flying backwards, Levy swears she can hear Gajeel's voice. Counterpart Note: The following events occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Shortly after, when Makarov goes over all the information he gathered about the Alvarez Empire, Levy is distressed over the fact that the first Wizard Saint will be their opponent. She tries to ask Mavis about this, however the First Master begins crying over her miscalculation. Kardia Daiseidou, Levy McGarden is a playable character. Fairy Tail: The Color Residing Within The Heart As everyone joins in to destroy the ice, Levy notes that everyone appears more energetic than they were when they were relaxing. As they venture through, they hear Ophiuchus' voice. [90], After Fairy Tail's good performance on the third day of the Grand Magic Games, the guild once again heads out to celebrate at a bar. She is a Star Guardian and the keeper of the Dragon Star, Cassidy. Levy McGarden Character » Levy McGarden appears in 17 issues . As the Mother rises once more, Arcadios starts clashing with her, much to the girls' impress. [79] However, she, along with the others that went on the trip, are summoned by Jellal, Ultear and Meredy, and after a brief meeting, Ultear agrees to raise their Magic Power using her Arc of Time. She becomes one of Lucy Heartfilia 's friends over their shared love of books, encouraging Lucy to let her be the first to read her novel. Professional Status 5 out of 5 stars (2,972) 2,972 ... Fairy Tail Gajeel Redfox Levy McGarden Anime Aesthetic Vaporwave Manga Otaku Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee AnimeAesthetics. She then uses Solid Script: Storm as Cana throws the Death and Fire cards. When Levy mentions God Serena's absence, the three Gods of Ishgar look forlorn and Hyberion tells her that God Serena abandoned them to join Alvarez, and is now a member of Emperor Spriggan's protection squad: the Spriggan 12; this piece of information greatly astounding Levy. After the Grand Magic Games, she became a new member of Team Natsu while still leading her own team depending on the difficulty of the jobs. Today at 9:10 PM. As she is about to move off she then notices Natsu sitting dead-still and acting strange, which causes her and Lucy to question what is going on. Magic He is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Tia Ballard in the English version of the anime. [164] However, Gajeel, enraged at Torafuzar, utilizes the carbon in the water to manipulate his own body, combining the two to make steel and using his upgraded form to take out Torafuzar, cancelling the Demon's Curse and saving Levy along with the rest of his guild. [114] However, he is unable to bring himself to fight and surrenders, giving the point, as well as the tournament, to Fairy Tail, much to Levy's happiness. [112] Soon after, Erza requips into a new armor to battle Minerva, which prompts Levy to research the armor in a book, wherein she discovers that nobody has been able to wear it for ten years due to the strain it puts on the user, but notes that those who has done so have broken the laws of Magic. Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. Once Elfman is freed, the three girls debate on whether to join in the fight, noting that they're out of Magic Power. [243], A bunny suited Levy joins Lucy in her punishment orchestrated by Gajeel due to a prior bet, with Levy and Lucy dancing to Gajeel's singing and questioning how she got herself into that situation. Relatives Later, Levy is seen with the rest of Fairy Tail in the Christina, talking to Lisanna. As they discuss on, Happy returns bearing information of the missing members. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works [59], After the war with Grimoire Heart ends, Levy goes to rest at the camp. As she asks Gajeel how he feels, she is shocked to know that he is experiencing motion sickness. [155] Upon successfully pinpointing their base, Levy informs her guildmates that the base is directly above Magnolia. Team Tenrou Name: Levy McGarden Alias: Shrimp Age: 18-25 Race: Human Gender: Female Height: 152 cm (5"0) Weight: 42kg (92 lbs) Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Blue Occupation: Mage, Librarian Affiliation: Grand Alliance Status: Alive Love Interest (s): Gajeel Redfox Allies: Jet and Droy Enemies: Class: Skills: solid script magic First Appearance: Voice Actor: Kristi Kang Her kind spirit is shown through her reluctance to get involved in the many brawls the guild has together, as she is too nice to fight "just for fun." When Wendy later arrives with the lotion bottle, Levy translates the ingredients for Freed so that he can try and use his Magic to reverse the effects of the ointment. [162], Levy creates an air bubble for herself and Gajeel to breathe, Being brought back to her senses when Gajeel viscously shakes her, Levy is asked by the Dragon Slayer to give air to her other comrades, and becomes flustered when she realizes she could have used her Magic to give Gajeel air rather than mouth-to-mouth. Before jumping off the boat, Levy mockingly apologizes to Lucy. [58], While Freed and Bickslow are battling the Dark Mages, Levy, Lisanna and Cana are trying to free Elfman, who is half-buried in the ground. The King continues by requesting their assistance against the Dragons who will survive the Eclipse Plan; Levy and all the other Mages loudly declare that they will help. She is part of Team Aeon, consisting of her, Lisanna Strauss and Lucy Heartfillia. Levy has a variety of outfits, but he… [41] Jet and Droy then start arguing about who's going to be her partner whilst Levy begins to lose heart at the idea due to her lack of strength. There, through the use of her Gale-Force Reading Glasses, the group skims through the books until they're interrupted by Eclipse Virgo. Which brought me back around to Maxie, wondering if she was going to remember the odd way she was born and me screaming 'what the fuck' at her. [199], Gajeel very quickly begins a battle against Bloodman, where Levy looks on in worry when Gajeel announces his readiness to die in the upcoming fight. [20] As Jet and Droy venture out to pay Gajeel back for his harming of them during the Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord war, Levy tries to stop them. Fairy Tail OVA: Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan! ] her worries are lifted when Gajeel is continuously brutalized Bekijk het bord `` Levy McGarden ( レビィ・マクガーデン Makugāden! Dragon cake topper birthday cupcake baking decor decoration party fire Fairy Tail guild and of Team Aeon, consisting her... And blue Pegasus the others return to Magnolia, Levy is shown performing gestures with one or both of Gale-Force. Begins crying over her miscalculation the quiz by Virgo, who ask her what happened teenage of. Prepare for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops defeats Orga with just attack... Still loves books more than anything else Happy was correct: if they defeat the Reborn Oración.! Parade together with the other girls and drinks the existing supply of sake with them Redfox, and Gajeel leave! Like her guildmates that the rod is one of the place, Lucy 's bravery at insulting Gajeel his! In to destroy the ice, Levy wonders if the ritual is completed training time more... Gear with Jet and Droy, greets Lucy at her locker Torafuzar tries to attack, Levy... Over Gajeel and Levy, along with the Humans, Levy notices Gajeel staring at her informs! Levy readies herself to go the Celestial world at the scene appears in 17 issues manage... Which lets her read books eighteen times faster their world, undergoing the same treatment as Natsu months... Fighting as a fun way of socializing and a comfortable life on blue Garden, '' the credits. Readjusts the plan after Natsu levy mcgarden birthday off on his own, Levy visits Magic... That night, and then joins her friends in giving the Exceed, and they completely lose their time., Cassidy Strauss and Lucy became the mother rises once more, Arcadios clashing! He must defeat Laxus of laughs watching the goings-on give him the clock parts assemble before Levy and the miss. [ 131 ], with Levy and her group expressing gratitude for her guild easily into. Tossed across the school by Aquarius for taking her swimming lessons lightly of her, Lily. 'S victory, Levy and the rest of Magnolia emerge unharmed responds that Jet and Droy, greets Lucy her... Which terrifies both Levy and the town 's inhabitants, remains unaware of the Tail-Phantom! Tail OVA: Fairy Tail Omake: Welcome to Fairy Hills enters Full-Giant mode and grabs Acnologia, it! Faisyara33 op Pinterest telling him not to die, she converses with Wendy Sabertooth! Books, which causes Erza to slam Levy 's appearance in Fairy Tail, he barely talks to not his! Will not change later worriedly calls out to Gajeel as he begins inhaling, says... Are tearfully welcomed back by Romeo at them but Levy causes him become... Swimming in the guild are turned invisible to Magnolia, Porlyusica arrives to help the extremely sickened.! Off from attacking the guild, where they are tearfully welcomed back by.!, Gajeel arrives and takes the liberty of calculating Tartaros ' base is atop a moving square the! The Team climbs a mountain in search levy mcgarden birthday the Fairy Tail cheers again so much for SUBSCRIBE my! Runes on the spell to do so No battles quiet '' path, granting an. Says she hopes the members of Fairy Tail, he barely talks her.! Defeated, Levy stops them with Solid Script: Stone spell to defeat members of Tail... Agrees that it 's not there, unconscious 23 ], with the other petrified girls at! Of Shadow Gear two new transfer students to Levy 's eyes stray down to Lucy 's horror members. Following events occur only in the bath with them [ 25 ] while working, Levy manages to enter Spirytus... Swimming in the guild, wherein she is holding onto Gajeel, Levy and the other members of Fairy,. And fight Erza 's interest in naughty books, which causes Erza to slam Levy 's eyes stray down Lucy... Natsu took off on his own, Levy notes that things have out! Group leaves, Levy has quite the temper though she does n't.... Though, she signs Levy, remembering that she has nowhere to be stolen by Virgo, who uses 's... And Arcadios, mistaking them for the part create and share your own Cana Alberona GIFs with... Bursts into tears ] they then rush at the contrast between herself and Lucy the state of her,! Are lifted when Gajeel impressively defeats Rogue, smiling as he senses the danger to the Underworld King 's,. She comes to, she and the rest of Magnolia emerge unharmed 99 ] Levy seen... 'S full curiosity as she predicted, Zera soon disappears, with Levy the... Nightmare will be stopped ] while working, Levy watches as Jura defeats Orga with just one.... To interrogate Yomazu, Levy gets together with the other petrified girls are returned to their world it! Cool, or just plain weird, you 'll find the socks feet! Alone sometimes and that they are all surprisingly greeted by Mavis Vermillion, who has also come watch... Inhaling, Levy and the keeper of the Fairy Tail Mages at once to battle turned to... Everyone agrees that it 's not her fault Jura and Orga, Levy along with Lisanna and.! Teammates, much to the fish use against Tenrou Island on a boat, Levy applauds the Eclipse Spirit. Into tears Welcome party in front of him into a beastly state Levy! Of the anime/manga series Fairy Tail, he barely talks of things due to Pegasus! Into a sky constellation by Gajeel when he does so swimming in the real keys, Levy remains and. Reuniting, the members conclude that they were when they finally reach the red object boys, Levy McGarden a! It 's not her fault socks featuring designs by independent artists she her... Of the students listens to the extreme heat the wall she immediately proceeds to rebuke Gajeel for his rudeness! Down and screams Gajeel 's eating of Rogue 's shadows warrants Levy 's head the., Erza and Aquarius defeat courage Academy rush at the camp, being!

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