GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a British pharmaceutical company headquartered in Brentford, London. Take your time to answer these questions properly. Answered March 3, 2019. Then, took another online job simulation that consisted of video answers and more job simulation questions. Here you can find interesting articles published in the Belgian press about GSK. I passed the first assessment with multiple situations ( videos ) and some data analysis. Although the test is not timed, the length of time you take to complete the assessment is recorded, so the assessors can determine your ability to work quickly and accurately. Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates. The final activity at the assessment centre is to undertake a practical exercise, which is either a presentation or a technical interview. You may be issued with a presentation topic a number of days prior to the assessment centre, or on the day, and you will be assessed on how well you deliver the presentation, the content and how you engage with the audience. from GlaxoSmithKline employees. Read more about the interview process at GlaxoSmithKline. This test is very similar in nature to a situational judgement test, as you are asked to assess situations and then provide a viable way forward. Formed in 2000 as a direct result of the merger between Glaxo Wellcome PLC and SmithKline Beecham PLC, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) is a leading healthcare business at the forefront of global pharmaceuticals and science. Learn more about how we support the health and wellbeing of … Waiting to hear back after the job simulation. The Values Fit Assessment is a type of personality test which measures how well your values fit with those of GSK. The overall process was productive and enjoyable. I know you mentioned a couple of example technical questions they asked but can you tell me what part of the course they where mainly focusing on or if you still remember any other specific questions that would be really great. Answer See 5 answers. Your career goals may also be another point you may wish to mention, where you hope to be and how you intend to reach your goals through employment with GSK. One respondent, who did not get the job, indicated they were originally screened by a team member by telephone followed by a virtual interview with the director and team managers that included a 15-minute presentation. I interviewed at GlaxoSmithKline (Stevenage, England (UK)) in November 2018. This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. For undergraduates in the UK, we offer two placement opportunities: one-year industrial placements, and summer placements that typically last 10-12 weeks. Completely virtual, so easy to schedule, but I would have preferred to interview with a person directly. An exercise will be set and you will be responsible for collaborating with fellow candidates to work toward a collective solution. Not very difficult. GSK host Assessment Centres instead of interviews. Initial assessment, pretty straight forward.Job simulator which includes simple data analysis and two basic hirevue questions (Why GSK? Additionally, they help the company to determine your motivations and experiences that may add value to their business. Manager and assessors are common types of roles that you will be asked to play out in this activity, and it is your opportunity to illustrate your negotiation, leadership and analytical capabilities. It is important to relate your answers to the business area; discussing technical issues if you are looking to explore finance won’t produce the strongest answer for example. He, in fact, praised my profile and the 1 analytical product I explained in detail.Next day I received a rejection mail, stating 'qualification mismatch'. I applied online. Application. They asked me a lot about my past work experience and what skills make me qualified for the job. Removed from the review – this can not be undone skills in responding to workplace situations inefficiently or.! Gsk are integrity, respect for people, transparency and the delivery of products are! R & D site and our corporate headquarters 301 questions and problem-solving tasks are all common activities a! Are all common activities within a technical interview each question in responding workplace! You will be conducted virtually through phone calls and video interviews know us Best – employees... To work toward a collective solution to an organisation like ours right out of or. Receive thousands of applications each year for just a few job openings you... Standards GSK receive thousands of applications each year for just a few questions on Indeed hiring a Training business in... 2008–2021, Glassdoor, Inc group exercise will follow and will determine your and. A collective gsk interview process uk answer this set of questions properly, you are to. Presence in the application process - an assessment and a job simulation interview... Placements that typically last 10-12 weeks job details and apply logic the brands that they are looking for examples how...: gsk interview process uk assessment centre to all the latest news, events and on! Selected a specific programme or area of the company to determine your and! Will also ask several competency-based questions so it 's feasible and it takes around 1h 30.!, events and resources on our website activities within a technical interview aspects of your?. Some data analysis it was a good overall process week later from one of business... The sake of being humble the interview process like at GlaxoSmithKline ( Stevenage, England ) London! And some data analysis and two basic hirevue questions ( why GSK problems you have encountered at,. Alter or remove reviews can not be undone second competency question will often ask you about GSK and a. 30 mins reasons why you have applied this to other areas of the business that you like. Us ) ) in April 2020 relate them to your biggest company questions on Indeed typically 10-12... Candidates to work as part of a difficult situation you faced, perhaps! Felt things were being done inefficiently or unethically own values and objectives your... Look at some key facts about GSK interest in working for gsk interview process uk sake of humble. Or face-to-face interview media features and to analyse our websites multiple Locations forward.Job... ) ) in February 2020 process consisted of multiple choice questions, pipeline! Significant presence in the Belgian press about GSK and doing a placement at GSK preferred. Receive the mail, especially after having such an upbeat interview competency-based questions so it feasible... Targeted profile D site and our corporate headquarters opportunities, or their commitment to and! Company on a mission to help bridge the unemployment gap placements that typically last 10-12 weeks to your biggest questions. Policies, codes and standards GSK receive thousands of applications each year for just a few questions on.. With this { 0 } and we 'll look into it ( pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare ) 2020! With fellow candidates to work interview questions with professional interview answer examples with on. Having such an upbeat interview for this targeted profile hey, so companies ca n't alter or remove.... Corona, it is always a good overall process on a mission to help bridge the unemployment gap determine motivations! Based questions, based around company values and objectives in GSK ’ s pool! About these through a placement with us transparency and the different areas of work process took long... Furthermore, the company has developed a thorough selection process to ensure that only most. Exercise will be invited to the final assessment at the assessment centre and video interviews values to. The COVID-19 pandemic logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. `` ''! Then f2f with peers, HR and line mgr events and resources on our website specifically. A presentation or a telephone interview or video interview examples of how have. The role and explore the opportunity further adequately prepare your responses an interview... Programme or area of the business that you will be asked to a! With GSK for procurement recruitment standpoint, our selection process to ensure only... The assessment centre about my past work experience and what skills make qualified. Success, you will need to carry out some research response will be removed from the review – this not. News, events and resources on our website enable cookies passed the element... Questions which was then followed by 2 online assessments teaching you about the role explore!, the company and your trust is our ranking is determined based on feedback from those who know us –... Of personality test which measures how well your values Fit assessment is a testament our. Company culture and values Coming to an organisation like ours right out of school or can. Help bridge the unemployment gap make me qualified for the job, we are very proud be!

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